Extracting Eramosa marble from the quarry is not an easy task, as it requires an abundance of patience, time, skill, luck, and the cooperation of Mother Nature. Once a specific section of the quarry is selected as an extraction point, it takes approximately one year to reach Eramosa from the first layer.

With 6-7 layers of various rock, stone, and materially situated above the desired Eramosa, the extraction process can become extremely lengthy and/or difficult. The layers of armor stone, Algonquin limestone, etc., act as a barrier, protecting the Eramosa from Canada’s colder months until it’s ready for extraction during the warmer seasons.

Once the other layers are removed and the Eramosa marble is reached, large stone saws weighing approximately six ton are incorporated in the process in order to complete the extraction. The first layer always produces the tallest block, and the Eramosa is removed with a natural “vein cut.”

The aforementioned saws are equipped with diamond blades, as diamonds are the only material capable of cutting through the Eramosa block. Four different equipment types are required to cut the block, as the saw cuts approximately two inches of stone per minute.

Upon the final cut, the Eramosa block is removed with a wheel loader, as the extraction process for a single block is nearing completion.